[Gratitude #2] Strangers that give up their seats for pregnant women

This week I am grateful to all the strangers who gave up their seats on the metro for me during my pregnancy. The thing I dread about returning to work after maternity leave (other than separation anxiety) is daily commute by public transportation. I tried driving to work but gave up after one attempt. The traffic in downtown Seoul is pretty awful and finding a parking space is not easy. So trveling underground packed like sardines was the better choice – until I became pregnant.

Thankfully Seoul Metro has what’s known as “pink carpet” which are designated seats near the exit that people are supposed to leave vacant for pregnant women. This is so that pregnant women can find a seat to rest without depending on the kindness of strangers, even those who are in the early months of pregnancy and don’t appear to be pregnant but are at higher risk of miscarriage. It’s bright pink to deter and shame inconsiderate people from sitting there. It doesn’t always work though.

That’s why I am especially grateful to those who gave up their normal colored seats. It may not seem like a grand heroic act but to a pregnant mom who had an especially hard week both at work and at home, and is worried for the health of her fetus, it meant so so much. Thank you.

This post is in response to the Saturday Gratitude Check-In series started by blogger Mom of Two Little Girls. Read her latest post here.


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